Biblical Practices for Kingdom Living

Discipleship training at CHFC addresses biblical practices for Kingdom living.  The following four major themes are to be covered in sequential order, as one feeds into the next, and cycles back to the beginning.


Please sign up now for dates you plan on attending, even if you don't know all the dates you will be available yet (you can change it later.)  There are two cycles in 2019: March-July, and August-December.  Each cycle has four modules.  Thus, you may sign up for a module in either of the two cycles.

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DT Meeting Information

Below is the calendar of events, numbered according to unit.

Cycle 1, Module 2: Kingdom Design Information

April 6: Training Day 1 (Old Testament, Doctrine and Theology)
Meeting time/place TBD.

April 13: Training Day 2 (New Testament, Devotions and Bible Studies)
Meeting time/place TBD.

April 19: Home Group Session 1
A walk through the Old Testament, parts 1-2.

May 3: Home Group Session 2
A walk through the Old Testament, parts 3-4.  Assign an assessment.

May 4 & 5: Worship Retreats
We will be traveling away from the busyness of D.C. to the quiet of nature to spend time in solitude with the Lord, and then to worship Him together.  Time and place TBD, but you may pick either May 4 or May 5.

May 17: Home Group Session 3
A walk through the Old Testament, parts 5-6.  Discuss assessment.

Cycle 1, Module 1: Invitation to the Kingdom Information

March 2: Training Day
We will be meeting from 9am-5pm on March 2, 2019 at Pender Professional Building (3901 Fair Ridge Dr, Fairfax, VA 22033) in the first classroom to the left of the entrance.  **Note that there will not be any child care.**

March 15: Home Group session
A discussion on evangelism in the family and workplace, and also a time to plan for the outreach event two weeks hence, and future outreach efforts in 2019.

April 3: Church community service
Provide breakfast for Providence Elementary teachers

April 5: Home Group session
Meet for group evangelism: HG-West meets in Fair Oaks Mall, and HG-East meets in Old Town Square in downtown Fairfax

April 21: Church outreach event
Easter outreach service and dinner.

August 23-31: Thailand missions trip