In response to COVID-19 Concerns, we have MOVED all of our church functions online for the foreseeable future. if you have any questions, you can email

Thank you!


Calvary Hill Fellowship Church

fel·low·ship /ˈfelōˌSHip/

deep and abiding partnership and oneness with God and one another

Join us every Sunday 11:00am
Providence Elementary School in Fairfax VA


Sunday Worship

Do you hunger for God?

Join us on Sundays to
seek Him in our singing,
teaching, and community.




Do you want to follow Jesus?

We are passionate about
helping others follow Christ
in love and good works.



Growth Group

Are you committed to others?

We gather in growth groups 
for confession, prayer, 
and partnership in Christ.


We livestream OUR Sunday service
at 11am every Sunday!