Discovering God's Way

Welcome to DELTA Club!

Welcome to DELTA Club!  Every school year, CHFC runs a local chapter of DELTA Club, which is one of the Pioneer Clubs programs for 1st-6th graders that focuses on growing relationally with others - peers, adults, family, and God through stories, activities, discussions, crafts, games, and events.  We also combine the Scooters Club for PreK-K students into the program.  The program runs from 7pm-9pm on the first three Fridays each month in Fairfax, VA near GMU.

We will encourage kids to take what they learned from last year's DELTA Club theme (Walking with Jesus) to grow in their understanding of God's will and in their relationship with Jesus during this year's theme about Discovering God's Way.  Pioneer Clubs focus on developing relationships with the children allowing for committed adults to disciple them both inside and outside the classroom.  One club meeting includes a large group time with everyone, a small group time with each class, a skills/crafts time and a game/activity time.  A few outside events like camping or fishing will be interspersed throughout the year as well.  Skills awards for this year include: nature, carpentry, sewing, creative messaging, campfires, and sign langugae!

Please make sure to register your kids using the form on the right-hand side.  You may also register your kids at the kickoff event, or whenever you drop your kids off the first time.  Please contact Pastor Luke at with any questions.

DELTA Club Kickoff 2023

This year's kickoff event will be held at Lake Fairfax on Saturday, September 30 (time TBA).  Come ready to have food and fun as we start the new year.  You may register your kids in person at the event, and registration materials will be passed out to all the parents who have registered their kids.  Kids will learn their new teachers for the year through an icebreaker game.  And the event will culminate with the pinewood derby race that the kids have been working on throughout the summer!  Come ready to be a part of the judging and cheering section!


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